Welcome to DNMAC, Disley and New Mills Angling Club.

Important News for 2023

Post Covid, and in the middle of an ongoing cost of living crisis, coupled with the ever increasing costs of running the Club, the committee have made some initial restructuring decisions for 2023.

Moorwood Reservoir, Watford Lodge and Linnets Clough have been removed from the club card. This is to free up funds so we can remove weed and improve the stock at our premier water, Disley Dam. This work will hopefully begin post winter. The Club fees have been restructured and Night Permits are included in the fees. This is also the last year we will have WP stamps.

  • Disley & New Mills Angling Club control beats on the rivers Goyt and Sett. The Upper Goyt and Sett have a thriving population of wild brown trout and grayling,

  • Disley Dam Fere Mere (Monyash Mere) offer easy accessible fishing.

  • Night fishing is available on Disley Dam and Birch Vale. A reduced non fishing membership card is also available if required.

  • Good sport is available all year round from carp and silver fish in summer to still water piking and grayling on the rivers in the cooler months.

Specimen carp, fly fishing, pleasure angling, and winter predator fishing in the High Peak,Peak District National Park and South Manchester area.

Originally established in the 1930's, the Disley and New Mills Angling Club is a friendly and progressive club, enjoyed by approximately 600 anglers of all ages.

The Club operates in the High Peak Area of Derbyshire, the Peak National Park and Cheshire.

The Club maintains beats of the River Sett and Goyt along with a number of small to medium sized still waters offering diverse fishing from easily accessible, town waters to picturesque, secluded venues.

Club waters cater for the pleasure angler, predator hunters, carp anglers and fly fishermen.

Membership is open and joining the club could not be easier and as long as you respect the Club and its waters you will have a great time.

The club officers and committee determine club policy based upon suggestions from members and upon discussion at general meetings. Active members are always welcome.

Disley & New Mills Angling Club

Carp Fishing

DNMAC offers specimen carp fishing ...

Fly Fishing

Wild brown trout and grayling fishing on the rivers Goyt and Sett ...

Pleasure Fishing

Pleasure fishing for all abilities on many, easily accessible, venues ...

Specimen Fishing

Catch specimen carp, pike and even bream on our waters ...